Total amount including VAT


VAT amount at 20%



20% Standard VAT rate
Most goods and services charge VAT at 20%

5% Reduced VAT rate
Some goods and services charge VAT at the reduced rate of 5%, eg children’s car seats, mobility scooters and home energy bills.

0% Zero VAT rate
Other goods are so-called “Zero-rated goods and services”, these include most food and children’s clothes.

Want to find out more about VAT and how to calculate?
Our what is VAT and how to calculate it? explains VAT in great detail.


About the online VAT Calculator is a smart and simple online VAT calculator that helps you calculate the VAT charged on a net amount or the VAT included in a total amount.
We have designed, built and optimised this online tool to enable you to add or remove VAT on the go in any scenario.

To calculate how to add VAT or remove VAT from an amount simply enter the initial amount into the input box and our calculator will automatically calculate the VAT and the new total. You can choose if to add or subtact VAT from the initial amount.

What is VAT?

VAT is a general type of consumption tax assessed on the value added to the sales of goods and services in the United Kingdom. It applies more or less to all products whenever a value is added during the production stage and the final sale.

VAT is paid to the revenue authorities by the seller of the goods, like in the UK, VAT is collected on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs by companies. VAT is also paid by the buyer to the seller as part of the price of the goods, which makes it an indirect tax.

Find out more about VAT and how to calculate it.